Information Technology Security Policy & Safeguards

Managed Servers

Green Hotels Global Software utilizes world class hosting to manage our website and applications. As well as being environmentally sensible by using virtual hosting, our servers are monitored 24x7, provide redundancy and offer on demand scaling.

Security Patching

Our servers are updated on a regular basis to ensure the latest operating systems and application upgrades and patches have been applied.

SSH Access Only

All our servers and data are accessed by authorized staff using SSH2 encryption utilized SSH keys only. For security purposes username and password combinations are not utilized.

Credit card data not stored

Any credit card purchases utilize credit card data on a one time only basis. We do not permanently store client credit card information.

Data Backup

All our databases are supported by redundant storage. In addition, customer data is backed up on a frequent basis and stored on redundant systems.


Customers accessing Green Hotels Globalâ„¢ have the option to enable Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) to access Green Hotels Globalâ„¢ securely.

Intrusion Analysis

Intrusion analysis and penetration testing are performed on a regular basis.

Disaster Recovery / Failover Policy

Green Hotels Global maintains a disaster recovery and failover policy which is available for review upon request.